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The Doc is Blood Thirsty

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, why doesn’t five blood tributes satisfy the doc? Seriously though, prior to my diagnosis, I was under the impression that blood glucose test were done once or twice every day. Something like brushing your teeth but oh me was I wrong. When I asked my first doctor about the frequency of testing I was told 3-5, however that is depending on the day.

I Test more than a college Student In finals week

Between three and five test that’s manageable so maybe that’s why the common misconception is that diabetes is easily managed. However you look at it, your gonna test and test a lot. The reason for the testing, it’s the best way to study the effects your daily habits have on your sugars. So the first 5 are more so guide lines in my eyes, because the first five test are claimed prior to having any issues in the day, lets count them off:

  1. Wake up / fasting sugar
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Dinner
  5. Bedtime

Now, don’t forget if your not feeling well the first piece of advice everyone is going to give, check your sugars so that’s number 6. Also if your active like every doctor suggest you to be that’s adding another 2 to the day because to be safe you don’t want to start exercising with your numbers too low and again after for the same reason. So that’s just about double from what the doctor suggests, and that’s not a problem, I mean I will do what I need to live but I don’t know if insurance companies and pharmacies have the same intentions in mind.

Even $0.02 adds up

The number of test strips that are approved by the insurance companies that I have dealt with have almost always disagreed with the doctor on how often I need to test my sugars, they always say less. I am still attempting to wrap my head around, the doctor suggesting 3-5 test, reality demanding 6-8 and insurance will then say both are wrong here’s 50 strips, make it work with what ya get or come out of pocket.

Diabetes can be a great financial burden, you have the co-pays, meds, supplies and all that other jazz that every health professional says is a absolute necessity. Just the supplies alone seem to devour your entire paycheck before your can say DIA-Brokest. So that’s why when I can squeeze the value of a few pennies imma do just that.

Main case and point being lancets. They are said to be one use items, but they are not rendered useless after the first use. It just makes me feel so wasteful when your throwing out a perfectly sharp lancet. I mean if its function is to make me bleed and it does the job why fire the guy, I just wanna live like a boss and stack my pennies!

Its no worse than a Bee sting

I think that I may be the most intolerant to the question of” does it hurt when you do that?” The reason being that contrary to what all your educators have told you in the past, there is a thing as a stupid question. In my book at least. I feel that asking if puncturing your skin multiple times per day whether it be for blood tests or insulin shots is just at lack of a better word stupid. Just think about it if you had to give yourself paper cuts throughout the day would you think about it hurting or, would you just suck it up realize its something you have to do to live and keep it moving?

 I would hope you choose the latter like, most diabetic must…

For the sake of full transparency and education of the ignorant, I answer the question.

Yes, it hurts every time. The thing about the human body is that it does create remedies to aid with the pain in my view.

So you eventually get used to it…

Give us a break we are… Dealing with tons of pricks

After some time of dealing with the same pricks repeatedly, my fingers seem to develop callus at the prick site that acts as a slight cushion so its not a super intense agony, but it is enough to make you say “hey, can’t I skip this one”. When testing my sugars (when I am testing how often I should be) I curse each time I release the trigger, because I know it’s going to sting. Some pricks are more bearable than others but all of them are a pain.

A Diabetics gotta do what diabetics gotta do!!

I down right hate taking my blood sugars, but I do because like in the words of my favorite rapper,

    I don’t wanna die yet, its seems scary to die… – Eminem

So I suck it up and test these sugars how I need to in order to properly track the trends from day to day. There was a time not too long ago in fact that I only tested that 2 or 3 times that I felt were ideal and my  A1c numbers reflected that message exactly. Now, I have become better with testing my blood sugars mostly due in part to me utilizing the full power of my insulin pump and constant glucose monitoring system. It requests a blood sample from me to continue delivering insulin in the proper amounts and to recalibrate the sensor. Its cool to see the numbers in real time and across the span of the day on a graph. I think that helps me stay on top of my testing as well.

 Regardless of the pain of the pricks, or the cost of the strips, there is not one factor that enough to make me not want to have the knowledge of what is going on inside of my body. At the end of the day a diabetic has got to do what a diabetic has gots to do!

Do you, or your loved ones test as frequently as your doctor suggests? When is it you find you test most often? Where is you preferred place to rest? Drop your answers in the comments, because I’m Still trying to figure this schedule out!!!

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McKenzie worley · October 21, 2018 at 1:06 pm

I have a 10 year old t1d. She was dx at age 2. Would love to subscribe to your blog! Thanks!

Tara Bigusiak · September 6, 2020 at 10:22 am

Terrific article

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