Insulin Dependent Journey : Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

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My name is Paris Shorter. I am a 27 year old trying to figure life out with type 1 diabetes. now if your anything like me when i heard the diagnosis, I was like that does not make since, “dude do i look like someone who has diabetes?!?” it was not ok with me for a good while. if we are being 100% honest it’ still not ok with me while i type this out. Like not to knock anyone else or anything like that but at lack of using better terms, I thought you had to be fat to have diabetes, ohh how little you know my dear sir. So this is the story of how my journey with type one diabetes began. My super hero origin story if you will….


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Our story starts in December of 2009, i can’t remember the exact day, looking back, my diagnosis with diabetes spread its self over the entire month of December. To set the scene and provide a little information about my self. At this time i would have been a fresh 18 years old. The ripe mature age where your just starting to think, ” yeah, im an adult , i’m grown” well i just like to think that he universe has a nice since of humor and wants to share it all the time because, while im thinking this, there is a whole other plan in the works for me.

Being the responsible adult that i was at the time I thought it best that i should have a job so i could have my own source of income and be independent of anyone else’s financial support, being dependent on others is not in the plan (neither was diabetes) . Obtaining a job at a local retail store, i worked my way to assistant manager. When December came around i was in the full swing of things. Running around like a chicken with its head cut of as the old saying would go.

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Around this i had started feeling fatigued when working, everyday was a little more and a little more. Thinking its just because i had less than the best sleeping habits, meaning i would stay up into the night playing playstation and only calling it a night when i would fake sleep to prevent anyone from criticizing my choice, the choice to get some instant energy was made, i needed wings…

The store i worked did not have the ever so popular red bull but it did have its competitor, monster, oh i should have known to stay away from such a scary product. Well i did drink it and, vvrrrooommm i was like a supercharged vehicle fresh off the show room floor.

energy levels shot through the roof and i felt it accomplished the mission, although there were some side effects from the choice. This one drink super charged my bladder and had me facing into the restroom quite frequently after that,

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we know we have to replace what we push out and now i was drinking water like a mad man.My thirst was to the point that i felt like i was trying put out a fire with gasoline,

feeling thirsty, drinking to solve the problem, urinating to relieve the bladder and back to the top. It was quite a vicious cycle my body had entered. the situation still had not dawned on me as something being wrong, especially an auto-immune diagnosis like type 1 diabetes.

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My thoughts were that the water i was drinking was filled with some sort of additives and it was the reason for everything. once again feeling sluggish on a shift at work i though well i need to make it through the day lets have a monster… and half way through the shift, i crashed… refuel time have another… I made it back home and wasn’t feeling the best, self diagnosing, i had to have the flu or so i though

While attempting to take a nap, i awoke with a since of urgency like never before. why??? well i had felt a river of saliva build up in my mouth, this only happens when i have to…. blllaahhh. yeah i puked up a vile substance. i was ready to just clean my mess and go back to rest more, luckily my family had other plans.

My sister began by asking if i was ok, i say yeah im fine. she looked at me hard again and told me that something was not right and we are gonna go to the hospital. They ran their tests, and all in all a few days later i was leaving, with my brand new diagnosis with type 1 diabetes.

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Thanks for reading my story of diagnosis with type 1 diabetes. I will continue to share my stories and encounters here on , you can keep up the progress im making with managing life with type 1 diabetes as well as other topics on the IDjournal page of the website.

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Sandy · August 8, 2018 at 9:23 pm

Loved your story. I, too of course, am T1D. I was diagnosed in September of 2017. I was 53 years old and never hardly been sick a day in my life. I was in great shape going to the gym 4 times a week and had dropped 52lbs. To say the least, my life was turned upside down totally.
Thanks. Can’t wait to follow your blog. It’s a good thing you are doing.
Take care.


    ParisJovan · August 9, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    Thanks for joining me Sandy.

Lori Jones · August 11, 2018 at 3:17 pm

Son I am so very proud of you for taking this step to share your story and hear others. I look forward to your future blog posts ♥️?

Tina · August 12, 2018 at 1:11 pm

This is your journey but you are not alone. Looking forward to my education of T1D. I thought this diagnosis was for children and young adults aka juvenile diabetes.
(Sandy 53 is young?)

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