IdJourney is to a community and education resource for type 1 Diabetics. The goal of IDJourney is to share education and  spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes 

Welcome to the

Insulin Dependent Journey

Creating a place where Type 1 Diabetics can interact with one another and also providing a location for diabetes education presented in a new interesting way

The Diabuddies

These Big Personalities are super excited to learn about Type 1 diabetes together.


From daily life to helpful articles about Type 1 Diabetes, The IDjournal is loaded with content that is sure to be found helpful.

Type 1 Tees

Cleverly Designed diabetic themed apparel, at T1Tees we use colorful humor to bring awareness to type 1 diabetes.


Contribute to the IDJourney knowledge data base. Contributions of any form to help in the development and production of the Diabuddies animations would be greatly appreciated.

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*Medical Disclaimer*

Everyone’s  Journey is Different!

ID(Insulin Dependent)Journey is my life documented, I live as a type one diabetic and can only speak to the facts of life that i have experienced personally. In no way am I, medically certified to diagnose, treat or cure any ailments. Any references to medical terms, conditions are based upon my own understanding and comprehension, you should always do your own research and consult your health care physician before changing things up too much!